How to Create Social Media Marketing Videos without Appearing On Camera


Are you interested in making a captivating and engaging social media video to market your products or services?
Even if you are camera shy, do you know you can create videos for social media that will convert cold leads into customers?
It doesn’t need to be expensive and you don’t need to stand before the camera.
There are simple ways to create a marketable social media video while you remain off-screen.
There are three major ways to make a video for your business without appearing on Camera.
1. Select your approach
2. Use other marketing options
3. Make good use of your audios and visuals


Before you make a video for your business, you need to decide on your approach and the type of video that will portray your message.
You don’t necessarily need to appear in your videos. All you need is a concept that portrays your brand, business and products.
It may briefly talk about what you do, who you are, and how to reach you.
A restaurant like blue Apron makes step by step videos on how to cook and which recipes to make. 
You can create a Do-it-Yourself video that shows only your hands. This way you are still sharing information, showcasing your skill and talent without appearing on camera.
You can also use pictures all though your video showing your hand or any part of your body.
You can also create an inquiry video. You can get someone to ask your customers what they would love to see about your product. The video will feature only the interviewee and what they are saying.
This kind of video is effective since you don’t want to be seen on camera.
On social media people love to read stories that connect with them and for that you have nto buy instagram views. You can also create a video that gives fascinating and intriguing narration about your product or brand.
This can give your product more value than you expect. In West Virginia, a Nu-Era Bakery made a video about their pepperoni rolls and their West Virginia history.
The story had more than 4000 shares on Facebook. Create a video that resonates with your audience.
You can create a testimonial video to market your service. For these kinds of videos, you will need some of your customers talking about your service or product.
It is quite easy. They only need to talk about how good your product and service has been.
They will can about product features and why they love it and what they would love to see improved.
Another good way to market your products or company on social media is to get members of your staff to speak about what they do, the process of making the products and why they love what they do.
You can share these video on your various social media platforms.
You can also create promotional videos and talk about your latest services or products.
You can create videos for products during specials seasons such as thanksgiving, Easter, Halloween, Christmas, summer holidays or any other special season.


Aside videos, there are other things you’ve done to market your products online and offline for a campaign such as articles,  pictures, campaigns, marketing projects, word of mouth marketing and other materials.
You can reuse the content and tailor it to your marketing video for promotion on social media.
Use your logo, pictures and group pictures used in your company’s signage, brochure and your about us page. They are assets that will promote and market your videos.

Get content from your customers.
If you don’t have pictures or video clips, you can ask your customers to send them to you. The content you receive from them can be recreated to create a video that is super dope.
You can create a challenge with giveaway prices for customers who will send you their videos or pictures. Create a hashtag for it and you might be surprised on just how much content they will send in.


Get your material before making your video.
When you have decided on what your video will be about, the next step will be to put together all the materials such as the video clips or photos you need for your video.
Gathering your materials doesn’t mean you have to work with a camera. The marketing resource you need can be from social media.
You can use offline marketing resources and user content to make your videos for social media interesting.


Since you don’t want to be seen on camera, you can interact with your customers through text.
Text is very useful even though many people don’t believe it is. While creating your video, you can use text to tell a story.
With proper use of text, you don’t need too many video clips or pictures.
According to a writer and enthusiastic social media marketer, Bunmi Laditan, texts act as a magnet that holds together your videos and pictures. With text, your story has a voice.
When planning your texts, create an outline for your story and write it out.  Arrange your photos and video clips in the order that you want it to be shown. Use your video editor to arrange the clips.
Your text will act as a bridge between videos or pictures. It can also be used to fill up gaps within your videos.
Make your text creative by making it stand alone or by using it as slides that in between while the pictures and video clips.
Avoid using texts that is too long or too short. Use legible fonts so that the message can be grasped as quickly as possible.
Get a third party to review your videos. The person should have a flair for videos posted online so you can get a good review
In conclusion, your video must be engaging, intriguing and marketable enough for social media. Research says that people prefer videos to any other kind of content on Facebook.
If you do it well, there’s no limit to the number of comments and shares it will generate.









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